Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Response to Blog Blocked Writer: Where to Get Blogging Ideas


Dear Sara,

I think it is great that you offer this blog. I know so many people have trouble getting started. I myself have been on etsy a few months now. I started a blogger blog like this one but I am always at a lost for what to write about. I know you should update a blog regularly but it is hard when I have no ideas. Any advice?

a very blog blocked writer.

Dear Blog Blocked Writer,

One of the most challenging things about blogging is coming up with ideas that attract readers. Luckily, there are countless topics you could blog about on a crafts blog.

First, try thinking of the types of posts you might be interested in. You may even want to look at other blogs of interest to see the kinds of topics they're covering. Many sellers show off their latest products, or blog about the progress of a piece with their blog. You could also try posting general advice on your blog. Share a tutorial, a trick you used in your crafting, business advice on running an online shop, and other things you think your target audience might be interested in.  Try reviewing your favorite craft supplies, writing a top ten list for craft fairs, or even interviewing a fellow artists (readers are always interested in new talent).   Make sure include a nice photo with your post, maybe one of your own items, if you can't find something that specifically goes with the post. Also preview and proofread your post to avoid making embarrassing typos!

This guide may help you:

Social Media Guide to Blogging

Don’t forget, to share your blog URL anywhere you can to draw in more readers!

I hope this helps with your writer's blog. Be sure to email me if you have any other questions!

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