Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adding Emails to Signatures: Response to Anonymous


Hello. I noticed some people have links to their shops and stuff at the bottom of their emails. Do you know how to set that up? Thanks.


I believe you are referring to email signatures. Email signatures appear at the bottom of every email you send out and allow you to share your studio link with whoever you’re emailing. They’re a great way to share your studio address with new people or direct people back to your studio.

Since all email clients are different, I’ll show you how to add a signature in Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

Depending on your version of Outlook, this process could differ slightly. If these instructions don’t work for you, open up Outlook Help and search for “Signatures” to learn how to set it up in your version.

Start by opening Outlook. On the taskbar, select the “Tools” dropdown. From here, select “Options.” This will cause the Options box to pop up. On here, select the “Mail Format” tab, and then “Signatures”.

Here, you can create a new signature, which you can name whatever you want. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you link this signature to an email account by selecting an account on the right. In the screenshot above, the account selected is “Microsoft Exchange”. Also make sure you set this signature to appear for new messages, replies and forwards.

In the text box below, enter your signature. This can be as simple as your name in a link to your studio. You can use the editor to add a picture or banner for your studio if you wish. Remember that not everyone uses the same mail system as you, and some mail systems will strip out pictures and html, so you might just want to write out the URL for your studio for people who don’t read emails in HTML and make it a clickable link for those that do.

Next, click “OK” and navigate back to your inbox. Open up a new message to test whether your signature is showing up. If it is, you’re done, yay! If it’s not, you’ll have to check out Outlook’s help to see what went wrong.

Start by logging into your account and clicking the “Mail” link at the top of the page. While in your inbox, select the “Options” dropdown and select “More Options.”

Under the “Customize your mail” heading, select “Personal e-mail signature”.

In the text box, enter in your signature. It doesn’t look like you can add an image with this one, but you can add emoticons and play around with the fonts. Make sure to hit “Save” once you’re done!

Double check by opening up a new message to see if your signature worked, otherwise refer to Hotmail Help.

 Yahoo is set up similarly to Hotmail. Navigate to your Yahoo mail by going to Once you’ve logged in, click the tiny blue link for “options” on the right directly above the advertisements and select “more options” from the drop down menu.

On the Yahoo Mail options screen, select “Signature” on the left.

Here you can enter your signature. Click the “Rich Text” link on the right for additional options, such as hyperlinks and emoticons. Make sure you toggle “Show a signature on all outgoing messages” and click the “Save Changes” button when finished.

Double check to make sure your signature is showing up by opening up a new message. If you’re having trouble getting it to show up properly, consult Yahoo Help.

Most other email clients should have a similar way of setting up a signature, however, not all of them have that option. If your client doesn’t offer a signature service, remember you can also manually add your URL at the end of your email.

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